The Art of FABTECH – JMT’s 2014 Booth

Some of the most common comments heard around the JMT booth at FABTECH 2014 were about the booth itself, especially our custom decorations.

Using a JMT fiber laser and other equipment, we fabricated table tops inlaid with the arm from our logo and table and chair legs featuring a cut-out of the logo.

The arm or full logo could also be found cut out in metal on the front of our kiosk (which lit up) or on the plates we put on the front of some of the machines.

The highlight of our artistic displays was our fiber laser sample motorcycle sculpture, which was composed of pieces of different materials that were cut out by one of our lasers. It was posed on the top of a slow-turning welding positioner along with several other samples of laser-cut material.

Even our shipping containers converted into custom-built office space inside and above on a mezzanine where our salesmen could meet one-on-one with interested customers.

Our booth was quite the sensation, both as an eye-pleasing demonstration and meeting place, as well as a practical demonstration of exactly what our machines can do.


Tables Table-TopsDecorations-06Fabtech-2014-Setup-Thurs-76  Fabtech-2014-Setup-Thurs-74 Decorations-07  Fabtech 2014 Setup Thurs 05Legs  Fabtech-2014-Setup-Thurs-73 Fabtech-2014-Setup-04