Focusing on the Fiber Laser as Fabtech Setup Progresses

Our JMT NF Pro 4 kW fiber laser has arrived at the show and our techs have set to work to get it up and running before Monday’s opening of FABTECH 2014.

Learn more about JMT NF Pro fiber lasers on our website, by reading our catalog, or watching a video like this one on their versatility in cutting various metals, or this one on the uses of a fiber laser in the HVAC industry.

Fabtech-2014-Setup-Laser-1 Fabtech-2014-Setup-Laser-2 Fabtech-2014-Setup-Laser-3 Fabtech-2014-Setup-Laser-4 Fabtech-2014-Setup-Laser-5 Fabtech-2014-Setup-Laser-6